RAYA 2012: Pretty in Pastel

Monday, August 6, 2012

It's already half-way through Ramadhan! Time really flies so fast when you're having fun. This fasting month has been so awesome, alhamdulillah. It's my first time since studying abroad that I get to come back home and celebrate the whole of Ramadhan with family and friends on this side of the world. I feel overwhelmingly blessed, with love ....and food (>.<)

It's two weeks away from Raya, and KNIL is so delighted to showcase our new collection of kebaya nyonya, specially for Raya 2012: Pretty in Pastel. If you're still thinking what to wear this coming eid, hey hey you can not go wrong with a simple and sophisticated kebaya nyonya. Kebaya nyonya is so versatile, you can mix and match it this aidilfitri with traditional batik sarong or go more trendy and jazz it up with a pareo, palazzo pants, jeans, denims or flared skirts. Whatever floats your boat. And hides your bulging tummy full of ketupat, rendang, sate, lontong, lemang, etcetc *salivates* Advanced planning is recommended.

This special raya collection in soft and sweet pastel colours would surely make you look dazzling whether you're visiting friends and relatives, chilling at home with guests or days and evenings out. Juga sesuai untuk visit bakal mak mertua, so nampak ayu dan sopan gitu ala-ala perempuan melayu terakhir pijak semut pun tak mati..

These are all selling at special promotion of RM148 or GBP30 (inclusive of free postage to East and West Malaysia and the UK)

Check these out:

KN401 in Sunny Dahlia

KN402 in Peach Primrose

KN403 in Royal Chrysanthemum

KN404 in Pink Primula

KN405 in Mossy Rose

KN406 in Sunset Rose

KN407 in Fire Cracker Geranium

KN408 in Pink Begonia

KN409 in Wild Pink Bougainvillea

KN410 in Peach Begonia

KN411 in Cotton Candy Bougainvillea 

KN412 in Orange Passion

KN413 in Camellia Blossom

"Hari raya makan ketupat, ha pilih lah kebaya cepat-cepat"

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Much love,
Aufa Dahlia

Summer Fling!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Can't believe it's already summer!! I'm sure everyone is having so much fun in the sun! Yeah. Right. Ha. Ha *gelak tak ikhlas* It's been pouring non-stop here in London it feels like winter is still lurking around the corner, not wanting to go away. The sky is crying just like my heart is T.T
Why the gloomy mood you ask? Well while a lot of students are already off on their longggg 3-month-summer holiday, I'm still in uni sweet uni. And I still have an outreach attachment in a community clinic in Southend for a month! So basically I still have quite a while before I get to go back home to my family. And nasi lemak sambal sotong breakfast and Ibu's asam pedas ikan pari and satay kajang and jco donuts and abc and kopok lekor and mamak supper and ok too much ands.. *nangis dalam hati*

Anyways I hope the weather gets better in Southend. It's actually really pretty there. Southend-On-Sea is a little coastal town just an hour train ride from London. It has the longest pier in the world ok! Hehehe taktau apsal tapi tiba-tiba rasa bangga dengan fakta comel ini. I quite like staying there, the sea and the wind reminds me of home.. Tanjung Kling. Yes it does have a funny unique name. Rindunya jogging tepi pantai dengan ibu after subuh (while bapak snoozed away in the car =.=") and walking along the beach after roti john dinner nearby..

Prettyplease rain go away when I'm in Southend. Move on winter, I'm so done with you. I want my summer fling with the sun, ice-cream on the beach in my cooling kebaya!

Ok check out my summer sale collection, a chic way to brighten up your summer days :) 

KN301 in Ruby Red (SOLD OUT)

KN302 in Ocean Turquoise

KN303 in Black Beauty (SOLD OUT)

KN304 in Fuschia Pink

KN305 in Citrus Orange (SOLD OUT)

Due to the awesome support for KNIL Spring Sale, again all kebaya are on sale at GBP30 or RM150. Email me or leave some comments! :)

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” - John Steinbeck
Much love,
Aufa Dahlia 

Spring Sale!

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Sun is out and the flowers are budding! 
This time of the year is always so special to me, everything seems so much more pretty and more importantly, I get some time off from uni! Just a week, but hey Hooraaaaay!! 

This beautiful Spring Holiday, KNIL brings you some lovely original kebaya nyonya pieces in 
versatile and soothing shades of off-whites. 

KN201 in Rose Sundae (SOLD OUT)

KN202 in Buttercup Yellow (SOLD OUT)

KN203 in Soft Almond (SOLD OUT)

KN204 in Chalky White (SOLD OUT)

KN205 in Sun Dust (SOLD OUT)

Each piece has intricate embroidery details and the cotton material used so soft and snug you wanna wear them all day! All selling at a discounted price of GBP30 or RM150. 

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Much love,
Aufa Dahlia

Cheap and Chic

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hello lovely people!
Some more fun necklaces for you. This time I bring you the all-time favourites, owls, doves and angels. Accessories with wings are always selling fast fast fast hot hot hot, I wonder why. It's like we have a secret desire to have wings and fly. *ooh that rhymes* I'm selling these at such a bargain, all cheap and chic!

VA201 Big Eyed Owl
GBP 3 / RM 16

VA202 Owls on Branch
GBP 5 / RM 27

VA203 Je t'aime Love Letter (SOLD OUT)
GBP 6 / RM 33

VA204 Tinkerbell
GBP 5 / RM 27

"Be as a bird perched on a frail branch that she feels bending beneath her, still she sings away all the same, knowing she has wings."
 - Victor Hugo

Email me me me,
Aufa Dahlia

Uniqeu-ly You

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Vintage necklaces up for grabs!

Do you feel like sometimes you need to uplift your ordinary daily outfits without looking too over-the -top? These simple but unique vintage necklaces would do just that. Trust me, little things make a big difference, especially ones that dangle down your tops whispering:

"I'm limited edition and I'm cute"

*macam spooky la pulak tiba-tiba rantai boleh bisik-bisik*
Check these out! More fun pieces to come soon :)
VA102 Big Owl (SOLD OUT)
GBP 3 / RM 16

VA103 Owl Watch Pendant (SOLD OUT)
GBP 5 / RM 27

VA104 Guitar Watch Pendant
GBP 5 / RM 27

VA105 Leopard Print Handbag
GBP 7 / RM38

VA106 Princess Crown (SOLD OUT)
GB 5 / RM 27

VA107 English Rose Ribbon
GBP 4 / RM 22

VA108 Ruby Peacock (SOLD OUT)
GBP 5 / RM 27

VA109 Little Perfume
GBP 5 / RM 27
Ha, cepat-cepat chop! Contact me via email for details.

Only great minds can afford a simple style
- Stendhal

Huggies pampers,
Aufa Dahlia

Sneak Peek-a-Boo

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Available kebayas up for grabs!

KN109 in Hot Paprika

KN110 in Morrocan Velvet (SOLD OUT)

KN111 in Azure Fusion

KN112 in Banana Dream (SOLD OUT)

KN113 in Mercury Shower (SOLD OUT)

KN114 in Fire Cracker (SOLD OUT)

KN115 in Golden Bark (SOLD OUT)

Aren't they all so sweeeeet? Siapa yang jatuh cinta tu, apalagi..
Contact me via email as soon as possible! Jangan segan-segan.

"Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it"
-Bill Cosby

*quote macam tak kena-mengena tapi*
Oh well.

Much love,
Aufa Dahlia


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ello ebelibadeiii! *lambai tangan sepenuh jiwa*
First of all, much apologies for the very late post. I'm sure everyone is looking forward to more updates on this blog. *bunyi cengkerik*

So today I'm gonna talk about the History of kebaya nyonya.
*cikgu sejarah mode:ON*
*krohhhh zZzzZz*
Ok maybe not. But a very quick summary:

Kebaya Nyonya is a floral embroidered blouse worn by the ladies(nyonya) of inter-marriage Chinese-Malay descendants in the straits of Melaka. In the 15th century, Princess Hang Li Po of China was married to the Sultan of Melaka, Sultan Mansur Shah aka Parameswara. So in the years to come, many more of these marriages took place which led to the very unique BabaNyonya culture. They are very artsy-fartsy people I must say, full of rich culture, values and traditions and one of their distinct heritage is the beautiful Kebaya Nyonya.

For more exciting info on the BabaNyonya you can read this. Thank you Petite Nyonya, you're such a darling inspiration. I love all her cooking, and you know her indispensable ingredients, I actually have all of them in my kitchen cabinet all the time. I mean who in London keeps belacan and gula melaka? Which makes me think. My dad is half Malay and half Chinese, from Melaka, wouldn't that make me half-a-Nyonya?

*perasan nyonya walaupun muka jawa totok*

Winky winks,
Aufa Dahlia